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What is Considered Active?

Are You As Active As You Think You Are?

If you're walking 10,000 steps per day up to 12,499 steps - you are considered active. That's quite a lot of steps! Most Americans don't even walk 5,000 steps each day, which is considered by medical experts as an inactive, sedentary state of life.

If you are walking 12,500 or more steps each day, then you are considered a highly active person.

Inactive, Sedentary

Low Activity

Somewhat Active


Highly Active

<5000 Steps Daily 7,500 Daily Steps 10,000 Daily Steps 12,000 Steps Daily >12,500 Steps a Day

It's important to keep in mind the following.

1. The older we get, activity levels generally require adjustments. For example - in my opinion, a 50 year old individual walking 7,500 steps per day is a highly active individual. For the 60 or older individual, walking 5,000 steps per day might be considered as highly active.

2. Keep in mind that all of these 'estimates of activity' are simply that - opinions. In my opinion, the bar is set so high for activity that it's overwhelming to some individuals who are yearning to get to a higher state of health. ANY activity is better than none.

3. Excessive activity can lead to health issues that rival the health issues associated with inactivity.

Every day we're seeing athletes, weight lifters, runners and other who are highly active undergoing knee and hip replacements. The body isn't a machine. It's human flesh and blood. The joints and skeletal system were created for movement - but overuse can result in major health woes, just as under use can produce like-issues.

Health Goals & Activity

1. Activity can assist in managing our body weight. If we get a bit too frisky at meal time - or snack time and consume more food that we should have, it's time for a walkabout. We can burn off a good many of the excess calories through a good walk - or any other activity that we enjoy. But if we went overboard in a significant way, we won't be able to burn off all the excess calories which will go unused by our body. We'll need to be good for the next day or two in order to avoid those excess pounds staying glued to the body.

2. Exercise and activity assist in the development of stronger, larger bones - in addition to more muscle mass. When the body consists of more muscle mass, it requires more calories to support. Simply put, the leaner individual can enjoy more food than the overweight individual without putting on pounds.

3. Activity strengthens the body and the heart. It assists in relieving stress. It can also increase our life span and impact our state of health. However, excessive exercise is generally accompanied with negative health effects.

In Summary

Make exercise part of your daily life to enhance your health - but take care not to go overboard.

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