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Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Quick Weight Loss vs Sensible Weight Loss

How did you gain weight? Quickly or over time? Most individuals gain excess pounds over a period of time rather than overnight - or in a few weeks. And gaining weight is so much easier - and quicker than losing it.

We're simply unable to perform the amount of activity necessary to burn off considerable amounts of stored energy in short bursts of time. For example, in order to lose two pounds per week, an individual must decrease their current daily diet by 500 calories for a total of 3500 calories during the week. A 3500 calorie decrease would generate about one pound of true stored fat loss.

True fat loss? That's the key! Fast weight loss generally equals weight that is lost via water, precious fluids or muscle. In order to achieve true fat loss, the body requires time.

Think about weight loss as you would going on a trip. If you're traveling 100 miles, if you travel at the fastest speed that your vehicle will allow, you'll get there faster - but will get their safely? Speed increases risks for accidents substantially. The same applies to losing weight. The faster we try to lose the stored fat, the more taxing on the body. And it does have a breaking point.

That's why these fad weight loss plans which promise to generate quick rates of lost pounds are so ridiculous. Sure - the body will drop pounds on a low carbohydrate diet but the weight that is lost at the beginning of the plan is simply an illusion. This is because carbs act like a sponge; they hold water in the body - and of course, water weighs quite heavily.

Once carbs are reintroduced to the body, that lost water weight quickly returns.

Fad diet plans also place the human body at great risk for damage, at times, permanent damage.

Fastest Weight Loss Not the Healthiest Mode, Generally Ineffective for Permanent Results

If you want to lose the stored excess energy, grab onto your willpower along with your patience. You'll need both of these elements as you diet in order to keep you motivated and focused. Keep in mind that quick-weight loss schemes rarely last. The post dieter generally returns to their former eating plan and the weight gain cycle starts all over again.

I know. Most dieters promise that they will never regain the weight - but when one has an eating addiction, promises are made to be broken in most cases.

In Summary

Losing excess pounds slowly will render true fat loss, allowing the body time to process all the healthy changes.

In order to keep the lost weight off forever, the individual must be willing to make a life change. This life change involves a healthy daily diet, healthy snacks and beverage choices, a moderate activity routine and adequate relaxation so that the body can revitalize.

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