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The following Table of Contents lists all of the romance westerns, adventures, short love stories, Christian romance stories and other special topics that are housed within Trinity Moon.

Because we have so many stories posted we suggest that you print off this table so that you can best track the stories that you have read. Please return to this page often as more content and stories are added. And we hope that you enjoy this site and that you'll share it with your friends and family.

We feature wholesome love stories, free of vulgar or copious content which might offend some. This is the root of why I started writing romance related stories; it got to where when I picked up one of the popular books - it was stuffed with offense, detailed scenes which made me feel tainted and yes, offended.

Most of these scenes found even in today's books are not only racy - they appear to have been added at the end, filled in after the storyline was completed. They are also very artificial and robotic - unnatural to real life. To me, they ruin that magical feeling that is associated with true love. These scenes also lend the false impression that this is what real love should be - when this couldn't be further from the truth.

One not be a prude to enjoy a fulfilling, exciting love life, but I feel that it's best to get away from the graphic nature of these type books and novels. I think that most people read romance novels because of the storyline - not to read about things that go on in the privacy of one's bedroom.


Picture of Sky Taylor, an American Author

With this said, just what will you find in Trinity Moon's love stories?

You'll discover westerns filled with hunky cowboys and spunky ladies, adventure, Christian romance and humor. I've always enjoyed reading humorous stories and I hope that you will enjoy the ones that I've written especially for you! I've even tossed in a few murder mysteries that I've written over the years.

I have numerous books and short stories that I've yet to post - and hundreds of stories that I've written which contain bits and pieces that are still being molded.

These will all get posted as time goes by, so again I hope that you'll return to see what's new at Trinity Moon.

In addition, more of my writings are posted at


Jenny Justice


An Angel for Christmas

The Jingle Bell Rock

White Lightning

The Apple & the Snake

Jungle Fever


Arizona Angels

Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Winnie Roast

At the Oasis

Kitty's Dance With Death

The Wishing Well

August Moon

Kumquats Are People Too

The Witch Hunt

Between the Sheets

Lace & Leather

Where the Four Winds Meet

The Big Behemoth


Who Chopped Down the Family Tree?

Big Gun, Little Shooter

Love is Blonde

Without Honor

The Black Magic Rose

Love is Like That

Yellow Sky at Dawn

The Black Nighty

Love on the Lamb


Boomerang Booby

The Love Switch

Montana Sky

Bow Wow Pow Wow

Love, Tilly

Black Moon Rising

Brand a Cowboy

Mail Order Bride

Blossom Prairie

The Branding Iron

Man's Best Friend

Mystic Moon


Medallion Beach

Wooden Hawk

Buttercups & Daisies

Merry Christmas, Mary

You're the One


Moonlight Magic

Razor's Edge


Moon Over Sea

Cowboy Siesta


The Nanny

Kill & Tell

The Chimney Sweeper

Never Look Back

Moon of the Falling Leaves

The Christmas Miracle

Night of the Falcon


The Concubine

One Indian Summer

Solitary Cowboy

Cowboy Elixir

Painted Promises

White Moon Crossing

Coyote Run

Passion in a Bottle

Ghost Storm

The Crooked Run

Pirates Bay

The Cupcake Fairy at Wallaby Creek

Dandelions & Cattails

The Pool Boy

Buck Moon

The Devil's Six Wives

The Princess & the Cowboy





Destination Destiny


Specific Topic Sections at Trinity Moon

Dream Catcher

Rebel's Choice

Super Romances

The Drifter

Rising Moon

Western Romances

The Edgy Warrior

Rook Takes Queen

Back to Nature

English Ivy

Saddle Tramp

Old-Fashioned Free Recipes

The Epiphany

Sandcastles & Mermaids

Free Online Love Stories - Index 1

Feather Creek

Scout's Honor

Movie Review, Deadman's Chest

Fine Wine & Antique Roses

The Sea Gypsy

Love Stories Ranging from 50-100 Pages

Fire in the Furnace

The Shadow Rider

Relationship Advice

Fire & Ice

She Squawks, or The Love Song

Love Stories 100-200 Pages


Sienna Moon

Romantic Adventure Stories

The Gate


Love Bundles

Ghost Falls

Spelling Bea

More Trinity Moon Romance Novels

Ghost Under the Golden Moon

Stop & Smell the Dandelions

Newest Free Online Romance Stories

Ghost Manor

Sudden Thunder

Short Love Stories

The Haunted Lighthouse

Sugar Pie

Photography Tips, Pictures

The Hen That Laid the Golden Egg

The Sun Witch

Pictures of the Grand Canyon

The Hiding Place

The Tenderfoot


Hijacked by Love

Tsetse Fly


That Horse Won't Run

The Three Wishes


The House on the Hill

Time to Love


Icy Moon

Touch of Fire



The Training Bra



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