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The following Table of Contents lists all of the romance westerns, adventures, short love stories, Christian romance stories and other special topics that are housed within Trinity Moon. You'll discover westerns filled with hunky cowboys and spunky ladies, adventure, Christian romance and humor. I've always enjoyed reading humorous stories and I hope that you will enjoy the ones that I've written especially for you! I've even tossed in a few murder mysteries that I've written over the years.

Please return to this page often as more content and stories are added. And we hope that you enjoy this site and that you'll share with friends and family.


Snow Moon


An Angel for Christmas

The Jingle Bell Rock

White Lightning

The Apple & the Snake

Jungle Fever


Arizona Angels

Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Winnie Roast

At the Oasis

Kitty's Dance With Death

The Wishing Well

August Moon

Kumquats Are People Too

The Witch Hunt

Between the Sheets

Lace & Leather

Where the 4 Winds Meet

The Big Behemoth


The Family Tree

Big Gun, Little Shooter

Love is Blonde

Without Honor

The Black Magic Rose

Love is Like That

Yellow Sky at Dawn

The Black Nighty

Love on the Lamb


Boomerang Booby

The Love Switch

Montana Sky

Bow Wow Pow Wow

Love, Tilly

Black Moon Rising

Brand a Cowboy

Mail Order Bride

Blossom Prairie

The Branding Iron


Mystic Moon


Medallion Beach

Wooden Hawk

Buttercups & Daisies

Merry Christmas, Mary

You're the One


Moonlight Magic

Razor's Edge


Moon Over Sea

Cowboy Siesta


The Nanny

Kill & Tell

The Chimney Sweeper

Never Look Back

Moon of Falling Leaves

The Christmas Miracle

Night of the Falcon


The Concubine

One Indian Summer

Solitary Cowboy

Cowboy Elixir

Painted Promises

White Moon Crossing

Coyote Run

Strawberry Moon

Ghost Storm

The Crooked Run

Pirates Bay

The Cupcake Fairy

Dandelions & Cattails

The Pool Boy

Buck Moon

The Devil's Six Wives

Princess & the Cowboy

3 Miles to Paradise



Against the Wind

Destination Destiny


Christian Articles, Devotions

Dream Catcher

Rebel's Choice

Fair Game

The Drifter

Rising Moon

Echoes of Love

The Edgy Warrior

Rook Takes Queen

Ghost Heart

English Ivy

Saddle Tramp

Bride of Inglenook

The Epiphany

Sandcastles & Mermaids

Love is Like

Feather Creek

Scout's Honor

Jaded Moon

Fine Wine & Antique Roses

The Sea Gypsy

Lady & the Marshall

Fire in the Furnace

The Shadow Rider

Lion of the Hills

Fire & Ice

The Love Song

Mail Order Cowboy


Sienna Moon

Maiden Sky

The Gate


Medicine Woman

Ghost Falls

Spelling Bea

Million Dollar Bimbo

Ghost Under Golden Moon

Stop & Smell the Dandelions

Moon Over Montana

Ghost Manor

Sudden Thunder

Red Hot Poker

The Haunted Lighthouse

Sugar Pie

Murder at Wolfmoon Ranch

Hen Lays Golden Egg

The Sun Witch

The Rancher's Wife

The Hiding Place

The Tenderfoot

Reckless Surrender

Hijacked by Love

Tsetse Fly

The Range Rider

That Horse Won't Run

The Three Wishes

Renegade Cowboy

The House on the Hill

A Time to Love

Rich & Ugly

Icy Moon

Touch of Fire

The Secret

Butterfly & the Scorpion

The Training Bra

Shadow of the Wolf


Cold Moon

Strawberry Moon

Cowboy From Santana

Deadman's Corner

The Ice Princess

The Haunted Ranch

Red August Moon

The Switch



The Love Bug

Two Moons

Copper Breaks

The Wild Ride

Hunger Moon

Texas Hill Country Miracle

Wild Horses

White Winters Moon

Rose Moon

The Squall Line


Ghost Stories

Vampire Stories

Werewolf & Gypsy Stories

The Crying Veil Widow Maker I Want to Eat a Sheep
The Lace Curtain The Haunted House Dances With Wolfbane
Poisoned Ivy Cool Vampire Toys Beneath the Gypsy Moon
The Sea Ghost Code of the Fang

The Cane Walker

Finders Keepers Please Be My Neighbor Caravan of Gypsies
Chaldar's Conquest The Vampire Bat The Crystal Ball
Peeping Tom Beauty is Only Skin Deep The Gypsy King
The Tangled Web Blood On The Snow Honey, I'm Home
Moon Over Sea The Code of the Fang Midnight, Twilight, Daylight
The Fog The Day of Death Silver Dollar Gypsy

The Wishing Well
Dark Moon

The Equestrian Vampire Moon Hunters


Lily Munster 9 Inch Nails

Mean Mother-in-Laws

Mirror Image The Sea Gypsy
Quasimother Mother Minnie & the Vampire The Shadow Rider
Holiday Gifts Under a Buck Oh, My Aching Fang! The Companion
Mother in Law, Astrology Pretty In Pick There Wolf
Mother in Law Poems A Pirate's Tale Unchained Werewolf
MIL Stereotypes, Level 1 Show Stopper Werewolf Meets Gypsy
Level 2, Storm Chasers

Spooky Pictures

Level 3, Windbag Sweet Tooth, Sweet Fangs  
Level 4, Doctor Mom The Old Bat

Free Wedding Planners

Level 5, Hurricane The Rat Within The Wedding Planner
Level 6, Mother Earthquake Vampire in the Camp

Free Wedding Planner #1

Level 7, Volcanic Mother The Vampire Caller

Free Wedding Planner #2

Level 8, Tsunami The Vampire & The Cowboy

Wedding Centerpieces

Level 9, Nuclear Mother

Vampire Fashion Statement

Wedding Invitations

Level 10, Sumo

Vampire for Hire

Wedding Cakes, Punch

Mother Goof

The Goat & The Vampire

'Rice Toss', Reception

Mother In Law House Plan

The Ethnic Vampire Wars

Bridal Gown & More

Surviving the Holidays




Specific Topics

USA Presidents, First Ladies

My Original Poems

Free Online Love Stories

John Tyler

Poems about Witches

Romance Stories

Andrew Jackson

Poems about Vampires


James Garfield

Poems about Death

Halloween Party Planners

President Gerald Ford

Poems about Nature

Gothic Party Planner

Patricia Nixon

Poems about Photography

Halloween Party Planner

President Lyndon B. Johnson

Poems about Church

Part 2 of Planner

Possum at the Whitehouse

Poem, 'The Dust'


President Rutherford B. Hayes



Lincoln Pardons a Turkey

Autumn, Bird Migration

Facts: George Washington

Bird Treat Recipes


Back To Nature Stories


Romance Related

Full Moons & Meanings

Needle Felting

Young Man, Older Woman

All About Sandburrs

Needle Felting Index

The Hope Chest

Wooly White Flowers

Needle Felted Flower Girls

Taming Little Timmy

USA Poisonous Snakes

Needle Felting Mice  

Ex Girlfriend Problems

Bald-Faced Hornet Story

Make a Felting Matt

3 Fairytales

Genie's Got a Bottle

Needle Felting, Rats

Free Resume Template

Kung Fu Fighting

Needle Felted Sheep  

Medieval Stories

The Outback Aussie

Needle Felted Bunnies

Vain Jane

The Fisher King

Needle Felted Bear  

Soulmate Forgets Valentine's

Public Domain Songs

Needle Felted Llama

15 Things Men & Women Love

Camping Recipes

Needle Felted Cat  

Me Tarzan, You Jane

The Greenhorn Camper

Felted Woodland Creatures

Compatibility Quiz

Campfire Stories


Romantic Christmas Gifts

Kids Camping Tips


Lovebirds or Vultures?

Camping Checklist

Science Projects, Biology

Dear Jane & John Letters

Beauty of Fall & Winter Seasons

West Nile Virus Symptoms

Great Date Suggestions

Cork Trees

Homemade Volcano

Mend a Broken Heart?

Hiking, Trail Heads

What Do Sharks Eat?

Candle Personalities


Sensitive Briar

Bambi, Dear in Headlights

Hiking for Fitness

About Deet

Seasonal House Decor

The River Wild in a Canoe

Useful Garden Bugs

Romantic Tips

Tips, Saving Money

How Long Liter Lingers

Online Dating Tips

Save Money During Holidays

Animal Lifespans


Past Financial Hauntings


Index of Articles

Save for Unexpected Expenses


Galaxy of Articles

Save $$ on Housing, Food


Article Book Index

Smart Savings


Broken Link Tip

The Brutus Driver

  Free Online Love Stories

Lost in Oz, Kids & Traveling

  Quick Reads

Safe Dining While Traveling


Traveling Tips


Funny Stories & Cartoons


Unbiased Politics


Free Kids Activity Planner


Kids Monthy Activity Planner


Kids Outdoor Games


Kids, Seeds of Knowledge


Kids Short Stories


Animals That Lay Eggs


Animal Scat & Health Risks


Wildlife Encounters


How To's: Winterizing Pets


Pet Expenses, Safety Tips


How to Build a Bird Aviary


A Day in the Life of a Farmer


Bird Crafts


Facts About Ferrets


How to Set Up an Aquarium


Possum Facts


Praying Mantis Facts


Wild Sheep Facts


Keep the Great Outdoors Great


Rainbows, Circles of Magic


Yard Decor & Decorations





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