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Quickies!  Limited on time but craving a flicker of romance? Light your love candle with our short romance stories that range from 1 to 3 pages. Story Index

The Jingle Bell Rock (6 pages) - A six-page humorous Christmas story.  click to read this free quick book

Fire & Ice - (36 pages) A short love story set in the Alaskan wilderness. click to read this free quick book

The Pool Boy - (13 pages)  Matchmaker Aunt Mamie. click to read this free quick book

The Apple & the Snake - (25 pages) Over-worked snake meets little old granny with a kitty and a beautiful granddaughter named Apple.  click to read this free quick book

Moon of the Falling Leaves

Solitary Cowboy

Black Moon Rising

That Horse Won't Run


Cowboy Siesta

Sienna Moon

White Lightning


Lace & Leather

Painted Promises


Arizona Angels


Yellow Sky at Dawn

Sudden Thunder


The Edgy Warrior

Jungle Fever

Ghost Manor  

The Love Switch

Three Wishes

Dream Catcher


Montana Sky

Blossom Prairie

Hunger Moon

White Moon Crossing


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Trinity Moons collection of quick books by American Author Sky Taylor featuring humorous, western, suspense, mystery and Christian romance stories.

 Complete Index of Love Stories

Time to Love - (17 pages) Jenny needed a mommy. In fact, it was the only thing she wanted for Christmas. Can an unexpected elf open her daddy's closed mind on the subject?  click to read this free quick book

Stop & Smell the Dandelions - (12 pages) Sometimes, obnoxious mothers are good for something.....  click to read this free quick book

Kill & Tell - (47 pages) A mystery romance.

Squall Line - (14 Pages) A short online western-themed love story.

Miracle in the Texas Hill Country - (10 pages) Our newest Christian romance story by Trinity Moon's Sky Taylor.

Rook Takes Queen - (26 pages) Molly’s pout deepened. She remained adamant that Holly should meet her electronic love throb and tell him that she was her - Molly.  It was wrong and  Holly was becoming irritated because her sister was wearing her down.

"Look, let's try to be reasonable. What you're asking me to do is .....well, it's not even feasible. We don't look the same. We even have different hair colors. Yours is blond and mine dark," she unnecessarily emphasized.

"But we do look the same. We're sisters," Molly insisted as she accepted the tissue Holly offered her. "You’re only two years older than me. And in the high school photo that I sent him, my hair was dark then,” she went on to verbally note. “He'll never have an inkling that you aren’t me.”

Holly stared at her with an open mouth, not quite sure what to say now. There was nothing left. Molly refused to see reason. This Internet fling with Mr. Perfect had damaged her sister’s thought process, bending all the gears. Because this was Molly’s first romantic encounter, and because it had occurred so late in life, she’d gone completely berserk. click to read this free quick book

Big Gun, Little Shooter - (25 pages) Ace viewed the buzzards circling over the iron-erected entrance leading to the ranch, 'Double A Ranch' engraved in bold letters within the iron.

How in the devil had things gone so wrong so quickly?

He'd been snookered - his foreman Joe summing the mistake up the situation in one word. Bright, highly intelligent Ace Austin had been snookered.  click to read this free quick book

Hijacked by Love -  (15 pages) The light suddenly changed and Daisy mashed down on the gas pedal, her blue eyes looking like two fried eggs as she realized too late that the car was in reverse.

A loud bang followed as the car continued to push the stranger’s car down the dirt road, Daisy cringing as she looked in her rearview mirror and saw mouth and sunglasses..... click to read this free Quick Book

Quartermaster - (50 pages) Landon drew his dark, thick brows together and finally accepted her extended hand, which she shook vigorously, trying to convey her sincerity.  He warned her, “I wouldn’t pass judgment until you’ve met the children.  They are quite a handful.” click to read quick book

Ghost Under the Golden Moon - (21 pages)  Fate brings an unlikely couple together who beg to differ on the existence of ghosts. click to read quick book

The Haunted Lighthouse - (15 pages)  Two reporters spend a night at a haunted lighthouse. click to read quick book

Lariat - (40 pages)  An Australian cowboy meets his match. click to read quick book

Mail Order Bride - (7 pages) A Texas rancher orders a bride. click to read quick book

The House on the Hill - (3 pages)  Can romance rescue a chef in a pickle? click to read quick book

August Moon - (14 pages) Heroes have always been cowboys. click to read quick book

Love is Like That - (3 pages) Never say never to love. click to read quick book

The Princess & the Cowboy - (9 pages)   A refined lady encounters a raunchy cowboy on a train ride to Austin. click to read this free quick book

Between the Sheets - (25 pages)  A writer experiencing writer's block finds love between the sheets. click to read quick book

Pirates Bay - (30 pages)  Hope on board for this seafaring adventure!  click to read this quick book

The Nanny - (47 pages)  A short love story with a twist.  click to read this free quick book

The Chimney Sweeper - {13 pages)  Accident-prone Heather gets more than she bargained for during a visit to her grandfather's country home. click to read this free quick book

Forget-Me-Not - {21 pages)  He nodded, then she turned and headed to the guinea pig section of the store, Alex's eyes soaring over her backside.

"Whoa!" he tore out before thinking, his thoughts askew for it was at this moment that he realized that Kid had transformed from a child into a woman - one with curves and shapely thighs and breasts, he added as Alison turned to see what had startled him. click to read this free quick book

Yellow Sky at Dawn - (67 pages)  Could the renegade Navajo who had claimed her father's life - also claim Chara's heart? click to read this free quick book

Ghost Falls - (7 pages)  A blind date delivers the girl of Joe's dreams.  click to read this free quick book

Touch of Fire - (12 pages) Nothing but wedged layers of ice lay before them, more ominous than the blinding blizzard of yesterday and the stretch of frozen river they had crossed in the beginning.

Anna shielded the fragile texture of her face with a cupped hand, searching the horizon for a fragment of the lost sun still help captive by the equinox.   click to read this free quick book

Raindance - (87 pages) She looked as good from the backside as she did from the front-side, Easton silently decided as he followed her along, feeling like a lost puppy dog for some reason. When he'd first arrived, buying her out had seemed to be a good idea, but this little filly might prove fun to play with.  Of course, he'd have to work at getting her in the mood.  Nonetheless, he was doubtful that she'd actually stay.  Ranching was a hard life. click to read this free quick book



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