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Needless to say, it's very frustrating to be reading a juicy adventure and discover that you've encountered a broken link. Unfortunately, we are subject to human error - and the chance of errors increase when there are thousands of pages involved. So although we do our best, we do make mistakes from time to time - including typos.

TIP: If you happen to encounter a broken link, we have numbered the pages for each story . For example, if you are reading 'The Nanny' and are on page 23, the address bar will indicate:   

If you encounter a broken link when attempting to go to the next page, simply go up in your address bar and enter the next page number like this:


It's also important to remember that many of the stories at Trinity Moon are written incorporating Old Western Slang. Some are also written in Cowboy Slang. Many times, the characters may incorrectly 'think' or 'relate' improper grammar.

We hope that you'll bookmark this site and return again and again as new love and romance stories are added. And thank you for visiting Trinity Moon and for all the nice compliments that we have received from you!


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