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The Love Switch

Three Wishes

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Picture of Sky Taylor, American author.We are often asked, "Who writes all the stories at Trinity Moon?"

The stories at Trinity Moon are written by me - Sky Taylor, an internationally published author. I also use the pen name Willow Windsong and those stories can be read at

It is my hope to fill your life with thoughts of romance - and I hope that you get a few laughs along the way. Life is simply too short to be void of love and laughter, and the two go so well together, don't they? They are much like Raggedy Ann & Andy - well worn and still happy, hand in hand.

My only true love Tom gives me so much inspiration. He has the largest... brain of anyone that I know - or have ever known. And it's some of the smallest things that he does which give me the biggest inspirations for romance, such as pulling over on a country lane and telling me, "I'll be right back." I remember sitting, watching him climb a small hill like a wild goat to collect me a bouquet of beautiful Fox Gloves.

Keeping romance in mind, we hope that you will fly away on many of the romantic adventures at Trinity Moon - as well as those to come. It may be to a far away land or to the backyard of American city - but one thing is certain; you'll always find a happy ending under the Trinity Moon.


As a note, the love stories at Trinity Moon require no downloading and are free to the reader. We have tried to strike a happy medium in regards to the length of the stories as every reader has a different computer - and many times, lives in different areas of the world. We have short pages for quicker downloading, as well as longer pages to satisfy those with faster capabilities.

Trinity Moon features short stories, full-length romance stories, humorous love stories, quick books for busy readers, and exciting romantic adventures.     

If you wish to share a story at this site on your webpage, personal pages or blog, please provide a couple of intro sentences that lead to the Trinity Moon love story. Complete stories may not be posted at other websites, including personal websites, blogs and chat rooms. We do appreciate the links leading to the stories - and it is how Trinity Moon can remain strong for our readers while keeping in tune with International Copyright Law.

If you enjoy Trinity Moon, please share us with the ones that you know and love.

Sky & Tom, Your Romance Navigators


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