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Yellow Sky At Dawn, a short love story - Chapter 1 - Page 1

The snow lay deep on the sleeping ground, covering it like a thick, white blanket.  

Ten-year old Chara's fur-lined boots were anchored in steady stance as she gathered an armload of the seasoned oak for the dying fire inside her father's cabin.

The wind was so blistering cold that her small lungs ached with each gathered breath.  Her hair, the color of a dancing sun, was stiff - threaded with a thin layer of ice.

Even the birds and foxes had sought warmer grounds and cozy lairs, the harsh winter driving them southward for the duration.

Chara's task completed, she followed the hidden trail leading back to the cabin by tracing her footprints in the snow, her clear blue eyes catching sight of smoke billowing from the valley in the distance - the campgrounds of the Navajos.

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