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"The Winnie Roast" a love story by American Author Sky Taylor

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Winnie Roast - a short love story by Sky Taylor, Page 1

Rich stood admiring the sturdy looking tents, satisfied with the young scouts' accomplishments.

They had arrived at the campground just before sunset and it had been a challenge - unloading the gear and setting the tents up in the evening shadows.

"Great work," he complimented, the troupe of twelve donning wide grins through the oncoming dusk, looking proud of their accomplishments.


"Can we eat now?" Johnny asked, the other boys chiming in with him, the suggestion a popular one.

"Sure," Rich told them.

"A winnie roast like you promised?" Johnny asked for verification.

"Yep, just like I promised," Rich assured. "Why don't you all go and collect the food and I'll ignite the campfire, k?"

As they all scampered away, a smile dusted over Rich's handsome face which was a bit sunburned due to the spot of trouble they had experienced with one of the vans on the drive down.  He supposed that Danny would roll into the campgrounds soon, as the mechanic had promised the radiator would be changed out by closing time.

Nine pm now, Rich noted as he examined his inexpensive time piece.  The shop had closed at eight.

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