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The Love Switch - (57 pages)  A comedy-romance from Trinity Moon. Nanny Jordan needs a job - Hunky Hud needs a nanny, and mutual friend Elaine is the glue than binds. read

Arizona Angels - (95 pages) Throwing the door open she encountered Bowie's towering form, his large arm extended, little Lee dangling in mid air like a large spider. Lynx gasped, her hands going out to rescue the squawWildflowers child.

"This demonic little hooligan was window peeping into the honeymoon cottages! God only knows what she saw, but she seemed quite satisfied," he went on, his eyes scorching over Lynx's shocked face.  read

Buttercups & Daisies - (13 pages)  It wasn’t until he had seen his neighbor Lily pole vaulting over the roses that he realized his father was in trouble.  

Darn doddering, crazed Betsy! She certainly had a mouth on her as well as a hot-to-trot something or another that was in dire need of being satisfied. But simply put, he wasn’t the man who was going to put out her fire.  read

Feather Creek - (60 pages)  Hawk should have known better than visiting the mercantile on a Saturday - Millie’s busiest day of the week, particularly with a winter storm brewing. Based on the color of the sky and the strength of the wind, this one could turn out to be a wooly-booger. read

The Hen That Laid the Golden Egg - (16 pages) The lady was beautiful - long sexy legs visible beneath the bright-yellow sundress and long blond hair that was tied back with a ribbon that matched her dress to a tee. "Please don't let this be Ms. Mattie Anderson," Bill silently prayed, knowing in his heart of hearts that this indeed was Ms. Mattie Anderson.  read

Wildflowers, a Free Online Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1


Ty parked the pick-up truck at the edge of the wheat field then made his way to meet his foreman, Greg Hopps.

It was a hot one today, too hot for even a Texas August. Amid his drive back to the ranch from the town, he’d heard that the thermometer had hit 114. He’d seen a few August sizzlers - but this was a record for the town of Fallen Oak.

His dark eyes narrowed through the distance seeking-out Greg without success but his second-in-command, Briscoe Mitchell was there giving direction to his crew of cowboys.

Harvest time. Their busiest time of the year outside of planting time. Obviously Greg was occupied elsewhere.

As he walked towards Briscoe he removed his straw hat and a wave of heat escaped, the weak breeze offering little-to-no relief from the intense heat.

“Hey there, boss,” Briscoe paused to greet as Ty closed the distance, the other men taking their orders to task and quickly vanishing into the wheat field.

“Briscoe, we need to watch the men’s pace. Too hot to be out in this,” Ty told him.

“I know, boss,“ Briscoe assured, his face set as he averted his gaze away from Ty‘s tall form, concentrating on the golden field glistening with sun-ripened wheat through the short distance. “We’re going to shut things down in another thirty. Then we’ll hit it again late this evening. Just getting the machinery in place.“

“Sounds good,“ Ty told him, studying Briscoe’s profile, a long piece of straw dangling from the cowboy’s lips.

He was about his own age - early thirties, and just as determined - a straight shooter. Whenever Ty wanted to get to the core of an issue, he could always depend upon Briscoe. Short on conversation while keeping on point.


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