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"Wild Horses", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Wild Horses, an Online Western Love Story - Page 1

“Grandfather, I’m on the outskirts of town. The Jordan Ranch should be coming up any minute now,” Lacy Petticoat informed her grandfather over the cellphone, her eyes appreciating the beauty of ‘the birth of spring’ surrounding her along the drive.

“How’s Sam handling the trip?”

“Sam’s just fine. Not a peep out of him over the last eight hours.”

Lacy smiled as the Bichon Frise tweaked his head in her direction upon hearing his name. He was her grandfather’s dog, her recent gift to him in celebration of his sixtieth birthday. That was the night the candles had almost caught the ranch house ablaze, she smiled again in retrospect.


“I’m coming onto this spectacular display of wisteria. Mmmm, the scent is as beautiful as the sight. It’s the most impressive thatch of wisteria I’ve ever seen. It’s so gorgeous here, Grandfather. I know why the town is named Paradise.”

“Just keep your eyes on the road,” Tyler directed in an authoritative voice over the cellphone.

No one knew his granddaughter like he did. He’d raised her from infancy – knew all her likes, her dislikes and her very unpredictable demeanor. And that unpredictability was the reason they were relocating from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Paradise, Texas.

Tyler had to wonder how he would embrace early retirement. He’d known nothing except horse ranching his entire life.

Decades ago, he’d hoped that Lacy’s father – his son and only child, would take over the reins of the ranch when he reached retirement age.

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