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"WICKED FORK", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Can two chefs equal a recipe for romance?

Wicked Fork, a Short Love Story - Page 1

Nick Copperstone eased out of the plush seat of the red convertible, waving at the good-looking blond lodged inside the battered compact that was pulling-up behind his car. He winced as she attempted to wave back, just managing to apply the brakes a gnat's beak from the convertible, one of his most prized possessions.

She exited, a smile dotted across her beautiful face, Nick wincing again as he hadn't expected the realtor to be so young, so attractive, so blond. Furthermore, he was aware that she was married with children. She'd shared such over the phone when arranging this meeting, informing him that they would need to meet in a timely manner as the youngest of her seven children was in a production at the school this evening. Something about a costume involving a cluster of purple grapes.


However, as his dark eyes swooped over Zuzu Tyler's curved form, it didn't look like one which had delivered seven children....

He closed the distance and started to offer his hand but quickly changed his mind as it was still damp. He'd made an unplanned stop at the bakery three blocks up to try one of their pastries, and although a bit too-sticky for his preference, he had to admit that they made a pretty-good cheese Danish. Perhaps he'd meet with the owner and arrange to purchase the bulk of his desserts for the restaurant after he secured the property.

The property was located in the perfect spot for his new restaurant. As to the price - that wasn't a concern as the owner had set an amount and had firmly stated to the realty agency that he would not barter. Idiot. Nick was willing to offer him much more money than his asking price. And because it was currently priced below market value, he knew that he had to act quickly in order to secure the property.

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