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"WHITECAP", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Whitecap, a Short Love Story - Page 1

"Forget it! Just tell Mr. McCain that I'll make the one o'clock boarding!"

Jenna slammed down the receiver onto the pink princess phone, sighing heavily and feeling weak and totally exhausted from her discussion with the idiot in charge of Mr. McCain's affairs.

"Idiot - a total moron," she tossed out as she began rummaging through the disorderly stack of unpacked garments which she had hastily thrown out of her closet in preparation for her impending trip.

"Count to three, Jenna," she told herself, trying to grasp a thread of calm before coming completely unraveled.


This vacation - she needed it desperately and she wasn't going to allow anyone to spoil it for her - not even the crazed moron named Harachi that she had just hung up on.

A smile touched her pink lips as she imagined his ear throbbing.

At least she thought that was his name - a stupid little name that sounded like a shoe and it was with difficulty that she had understood him as he had a marked accent perhaps Swahili she went on to decide.

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