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"WHITE MOON CROSSING", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon, Sky Taylor

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White Moon Crossing, a Short Love Story by American Author Sky Taylor - Page 1

Set in Texas, 1950's

Faith had arrived in the town of Seven Hills, Texas over two years ago and had put a lot of back-breaking work into making The Tasty Spoon Cafe a huge success.

The cafe was well-known for three things: the tasty menu - particularly its carrot cake and rich coffee, its fun atmosphere and for savvy personal advice straight from the lips of Faith least, according to the local grapevine.

While Faith considered the cafe menu a crowd-pleaser, and while she felt the place had a fun, relaxed atmosphere, she couldn't understand why she was often sought out for personal advice.


She had fallen off the rim of 'Cliff 30' some three years ago, making her what most people classified as a 'spinster'. Having no children, no husband, no surviving family members - she was the last person on earth qualified for giving personal advice.

And due to such, she acted more like a sounding board - offering a comforting shoulder for people to cry on or express their concerns in times of crisis - most of which were minor, particularly when it involved females in distress. Like Paula....

"How could I possibly accept his proposal?" the overly-stressed Paula asked, the hazel eyes larger than life as the woman nervously played with the silverware.

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