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TOUCH OF FIRE, a Free Online Romance Short Story by Trinity Moon

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Touch of Fire, a Free Short Love Story Written by Trinity Moon's Sky Taylor, Page 1

Nothing but wedged layers of ice lay before them, more ominous than the blinding blizzard of yesterday and the stretch of frozen river they had crossed in the beginning.

Anna shielded the fragile texture of her face with a cupped hand, searching the horizon for a fragment of the lost sun still held captive by the equinox.  


The other two members of the team, Jerod and Nickolus, stood anchored in the near distance gathering their breath and binding what strength was left within them for the journey ahead.  

Anna felt she had been better prepared than the two males who both seemed on the verge of collapse.   Her soul had been forged within the vast icy tundra since youth and she was accustomed to the frigid climate and intermittent eras of darkness and light.

Nickolus called out to her, his deep voice sounding exhausted. Anna turned in the blinding wind, her blue eyes focusing upon him amid the twilight.

"Have we much further to go? My legs are turning into popsicles and it's getting hard to think. Are you certain we're on the right trail? Even you, Anna, are entitled to a mistake!"

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