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Three Wishes

A Free Online Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1


It happened in an instant.

From her peripheral Maddy saw a flash of red speeding towards the tottering elderly lady crossing Main Street as she attempted to balance a market bag over-spilling with a large stalk of celery.

Within precious seconds Maddy had raced into the street, grabbed onto the older woman, both of them landing with a hard thud onto the concrete sidewalk surrounding the ancient courthouse.

“Oh my, oh dear,” the older woman managed, struggling to upright herself as Maddy had already pounced to her feet again, wasting no time in ascertaining the damage, her blood boiling.

“Wicked witches!” the truck-load of teens mocked as they shot into the distance, their voices echoing and grabbing Maddy’s undivided attention.

“Humph!” the older woman mumbled and complained, Maddy’s attention suddenly refocused as she reached down and assisted the elderly woman to her feet.

“I should turn them all into toads - the Bassy boy in particular,” she told Maddy with a set face. “Purple ones with yellow spots,” she went on to decide. “And just look at the mess they made,” she complained as she pointed to the sidewalk which was littered with the contents of the market bag - the celery which Maddy had glimpsed, a carton of eggs, two loaves of freshly baked bread, several pieces of fresh fruit and kitty food.

Strange, but none of the items appeared to have suffered any damage - not one egg broken, the bread looking as if it had just been pulled from an oven.

“Are you okay?” Maddy asked her, giving her a quick exam as she spoke, simultaneously assisting her in readjusting the beautifully-knit pink sweater.

“Fit as a broomstick on Halloween night,” the older woman assured. “But look at you, dear - your knee. It is skinned quite badly.” Then, “And thank you for coming to my rescue. I daresay I would have been smashed flatter than a toad - speaking of which, I’m still contemplating turning those ruffians into just that. Would teach them a good lesson. Now, about your knee, do you need to see a doctor?”


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