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"YOU'RE THE ONE", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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You're the One, a Short Love Story - Page 1

Horse rancher Crete Jackson eyed the line of cakes resting on a weathered plank adjacent to the massive domed tent.

He didn’t care for this part of the annual Founder’s Day celebration, specifically being harassed by four of his own cowboys. They were all wrapped in the arms of matrimony tighter than an Egyptian mummy, thus excluded from this particular event as only single men could place a bid. Single men….like him.

The event was a blind auction, but even the town idiot knew that the one-foot-high coconut cake had been created by café owner Lisa Sumner.


For that matter, everyone was also aware of who’d baked the remaining four entries.

The highest bidder would walk away with the cake’s baker for a one-on-one date for the evening which involved dancing, romancing and possibly a moonlit stroll laced with a kiss or two.

And this was the dig – the point where his own men were giving him grief.

Crete eyed the line of cakes, the pungent aroma of the coconut seizing his nostrils. No one could cook like Lisa Sumner and no woman in town could match her beauty, her kind spirit and good grace.

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