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The Sea Gypsy; a short online love story - Page 1

Everyone should have a loving sister like Diane, Tara silently gloated. Diane had given her the use of the beach house for the rest of summer.  There was only one catch; actually three - Jan, Justin and Mickey, her niece and nephews whom she had agreed to oversee for the next two weeks while Diane and her husband, Thomas enjoyed a much needed Hawaiian vacation.

Although the children were almost five, Tara knew that her sister would be a basket case, worrying about their safety and well-being. Hopefully Thomas could switch her brain off so that her worry-wart sister could just enjoy life.  For at least two weeks.

Tara knew that she was certainly going to enjoy life - at least for the remainder of summer!

Although she loved the dickens out of her niece and nephews, it wouldn't be smooth sailing until the passing of the fortnight.  They were a handful alright. Diane had spoiled them rotten, and that hadn't helped the situation.

Tara was stowing away the groceries that they had purchased at the market in town - a small adventure in itself. She kept strolling to the kitchen window glass to ensure that the children were still playing in the sand on the beach.  

They had visions of a ten-foot sandcastle which included a moat and buried treasure. Yet the beginning of their creation looked more like a lopsided mound of sand than the foundation of a castle.

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Page 1 of This Online Short Love Story


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