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"THE JINGLE BELL ROCK", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Jingle Bell Rock, a Short Christmas Love Story - Page 1

Jake studied Owen as he flashed the fake diamond certificate in front of him, quite pleased with his deceitful efforts.  It had taken him two hours and a computer to produce the fake document. His wife would never know.  Right.

"She really won't!" Owen assured with a cocky smile.  "Cubic zirconia - but it looks just like a diamond."

Owen grasped the pendant from the half-wrapped package and flashed it in front of Jake's face.  What a bum, Jake mulled as he silently looked on.  His own brother at that.  And Owen hadn't missed a single detail, dropping by the rather-famous diamond store to pick up a box for his wife's Christmas gift.  What a cheapskate!


His wife, Betty was a saint.  What did she see in this nitwit? And this wasn't the first time that Owen had pulled the wool over her eyes. Last year it had been a cubic zirconia watch; the year before that a cubic zirconia ring and the year before that, a cubit zirconia bracelet.

Worse yet, Owen was actually suggesting that Jake purchase his girlfriend Pixie the same!  Never in a million years, Jake silently thought.  Not unless he told her it was cubic zirconia - which he secretly admitted that he liked.  He eyed Owen.  Must run in the family.  But it didn't excuse the fact that his brother was deceiving Betty.

Owen challenged, "Speechless, eh?  Well, don't knock it, Jake. This pendent saved me an arm and a leg."

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