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"SUGAR PIE", a Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Sugar Pie, a short love story by Sky Taylor - Page 1

Kitty tried not to gaze too intently at the newly elected Mayor.  He appeared to be the most popular item at the annual county fair, particularly among the single women.

Too tall, too dark and far too handsome, she tacked onto her thoughts, her soft brown eyes shifting to the balloons stationed above the long wooden table lined with pies.  The lucky winner would receive five-hundred dollars, a blue ribbon, and a date with the Mayor.

Kitty had never seen so many pies in one spot in her life.  Apple pie, pumpkin pie, peach pie, pineapple pie, mulberry pie, cranberry pie, strawberry pie, cheese pie and of course, her own Sugar Pie, a well-guarded family recipe passed down to her from her beloved grandmother.


As a newcomer to the area, she desperately needed the prize money which would help catapult the bakery she planned to open at the end of the month, as soon as everything was in place.  The blue ribbon would also make a nice perk, something she would hang in the small dining area where everyone could see.  But Mayor Chad Connolly was another issue - a prize she could do without.  Besides, what would a handsome man like that want with a plain woman such as herself?

Apparently, love was not in her batch of lucky stars, she went on to muse as she studied the assortment of colors in the balloon bouquet.  Her childhood sweetheart had been tagged and bagged by her best friend, leaving Kitty's heart permanently scarred, the pain so great that she didn't care to ever experience it again.

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