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"SQUALL LINE", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Squall Line, a Short Love Story - Page 1

Oh, the things that she did for her brother, Jenny contemplated in the shadows of the campground.

Burt Thomas. He had a way of talking her into situations which she knew were best avoided. However, where her only sibling was concerned, she had a soft heart - and more often than not, found herself surrendering to his whelms against her better judgment.

Such was the current situation....


Burt had painted a picture of pristine prairie land, of comfort food cooked on flickering campfires, of serenading cowboys, and of magnificent stallions transporting them to days filled with wondrous once-in-a-lifetime-types of adventure.

But Burt was a city boy, born and raised amid the towering skyline of New York City. It was acutely obvious that he had been oblivious to the lava-like heat which blanketed Texas during the month of July. Even the resident cowboys were complaining of the weather - insisting that it was the hottest year ever. A few of the older, seasoned cowboys had disagreed with the young 'whippersnappers'.

Jenny tended to agree with the whippersnappers.

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