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Page 1

“This isn’t going to work!” Jordan protested in a heavily accented English voice, her complaints going completely around Elaine’s little brain, yet again.  

Elaine was humming and paused to readjust the gray wig sitting a bit sideways on Jordan‘s head. “Sit still! I’m trying to help you, you know. You and your lousy methods of…..contract negotiation. Why, if I left it up to you to snag a job, it would take an eternity…and beyond. Unlike the Europeans, We-Americans are a bit tougher to please when it comes to which Queen is watching our baby bees.” 

She paused to stick a hairpin in between her teeth, then continued her lecture, this time her words a bit garbled, but that was just fine with Jordan. She’d heard enough well-intended lectures from her best friend this morning to last a lifetime. Relocating to America had indeed been a big mistake. 

Elaine continued, “If you’re keen on continuing your nannying…,” she paused, trying to determine if nannying was a word, then shrugged and continued, “then you must follow the number one rule. Your one and only fault, has been your downfall - that being, your youthful looks. An American nanny must look the part - old and wise. Age equals experience. Experience equals employment.” 

She paused again, then tacked on for good measure, “You’re just too sexy for your own good.” 

Jordan clamped her lips together and steamed in silence. This was the most ridiculous, cockamamie scheme that Elaine had ever talked her into - and they had been friends for quite a long while, Jordan having been an exchange student living with Elaine‘s family during her later years of school. 

“Sit still!” Elaine spat out again, this time her voice even more garbled due to the row of hair pins she had continued to thread through her lips and as Jordan viewed her in the oval mirror she decided she looked like a Frankensteinian female - with an attitude.  



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