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'Sirocco', a Free Online Romance Novel by Trinity Moon's Sky Taylor

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'Sirocco', a free online romance novel.

Free Love Story - a Sky Taylor romance - Chapter 1 - Page 1

It was hot. It was June. It was Texas and the summer heat was flowing in full currency. The sun had vacated the western sky hours ago leaving the surrounding tin buildings swollen from the constrained heat of the day.

The horizon in the distance was stained with swirls of purple and alabaster white, perfect for an artist's canvas.


Storm and the children had been planted inside the desolate train depot for the last six hours. It was long-past the children's bedtime. She viewed the sleepy faces, her anger mounting.

As she extracted a sandal from her small foot and massaged the aching muscles she fantasized that even Betsy, Candy's tattered rag doll, seemed to be sweating. Little Seth had fingered his small stack of story books until there was no life left in him. Willie had played away the hours by counting the cracks on the slick, worn pavement beneath their bench.

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