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"SIENNA MOON", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Sienna Moon, a Short Love Story - Page 1

Maggie studied the newcomer through the blind of ripened summer wheat.  The sun was glinting amid a backdrop of dark blue sky, emphasizing the stranger vividly through the distance.

 She assumed he was at the ranch to barter for the wheat as the other ranchers from the plains had done for the past months.  Rain had fallen generously here in the valley, but most of the other areas in the state had suffered substantially by the drought.

 Maggie shifted her feet uneasily and stomped off a line of fire ants that had traveled up to the rim of her brown dingo boots.  After silently cursing the determined little creatures, her attention soon fell to the stranger again.

 He was interesting, she swiftly decided.  Very few younger men entered this strip of desolate country; generally the visitors were cultured old cowboys and obese businessmen.


 The strangerís voice carried with the supple southerly breeze and she perked her ears with great effort to hear him speak to Raul, one of her fatherís farm workers.  The stranger was communicating in English and Raul was suffering greatly, his dialogue broken and his words coming out in muffled tones as he attempted a response.

 Raulís dark troubled eyes relaxed when he caught sight of her.  Immediately, he beckoned Maggie in a strong volley of Spanish.  She tensed, wishing Raul didnít have such keen eyesight.  She was enjoying her seclusion amid the wheat.

 She stepped out and walked slowly to them, the strangerís eyes curiously running over her small form as she had exited from her hiding place.  Obviously, he knew she had been watching in silence and she was acutely aware of his slow, deliberate gaze that spanned over her curved form.  She felt like a tethered goat.

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