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"SCOUT'S HONOR", a Free Online Romance Novel by Trinity Moon

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Scout's Honor, a Love Story - Act 1 - Page 1

The things one does for friendship.

How Anna had gotten herself into this tangled web was beyond all sane reasoning.  In the first place, she wasn't the outdoorsy type.  Her idea of exercise consisted of a daily jaunt to retrieve the morning newspaper.


Her best friend Ellen had slithered over to the library, only last week - that quaint, secluded, quiet place where Anna worked, Ellen's face looking more desperate than a dieter in search of a chocolate chip cookie.  And Ellen had invisible chocolate smeared all over those beautiful red lips....

"Darling, please save my life," she had begged, her breasts heaving, her actions severely over-dramatic.  "I-I don't know how my little Nancy - your goddaughter might I remind - shall ever hold her little chin up in front of her friends again if you can't come through for me!"

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