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An Online Novel copyrighted & written by American Author Sky Taylor, Trinity Moon.

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Rook Takes Queen, A Quick Book Romance by Sky Taylor  - Page 1

"Some sister you are! And don't ever tell me that you love me again!" Molly tossed out amid her tear-jerking state, Holly deciding that her baby sister's face looked worse than a wrecked Pinto.

"Molly - don't play the blame card with me," Holly warned, placing a protective arm around her sister's shoulder which was still shaking - part in anger, part in frustration. “And please try to calm down.”

Things never went well when Molly didn’t get her way. If only their older sister Polly were available, this wouldn’t be happening. Polly had a way of making Molly see reason. But no, Polly had to be on a Hawaiian vacation with her handsome hunk of husband, Garrett.

"Look, let's try to be reasonable. What you're asking me to do is .....well, it's not even feasible. We don't look the same. Our hair doesn't even match. Yours is blond and mine dark," she unnecessarily emphasized.

"But we do look the same. We're sisters," Molly insisted as she accepted the tissue Holly offered her. "You’re only two years older than me. And in the high school photo that I sent him, my hair was dark then,” she went on to verbally note. “He’ll never have an inkling that you aren’t me.”

Holly stared at her with an open mouth, not quite sure what to say now. There was nothing left. Molly refused to see reason. This internet fling with Mr. Perfect had damaged her sister’s thought process, bending all the gears. Because this was Molly’s first romantic encounter, and because it had occurred so late in life, she’d gone completely berserk.

“Molly, that high school photo is about twelve years old. You‘re creeping up on the big-three-O.”

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