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"REDEMPTION", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Redemption, a Short Love Story - Page 1

Our Online Romance Story is Set in the Old Western Days

The Texas rattler took Eric by surprise, perfectly coiled and concealed by the thick layer of bronzed-colored lichen wrapped around the large boulder anchored in the pastureland.

Reflexively, Eric froze like a store-bought mannequin. Just like the one he’d seen mere days ago planted in the mercantile, its body fashioned of paper mâché, the head looking more like an unwrapped mummy’s than a real-live human’s.

Mamie, the owner of the mercantile - and famous local gossipmonger, had informed him that the mannequins in the east were being fashioned from wax – that she’d purchased the dilapidated merchandise for a song.


Of course, dilapidated had been an addition to his personal thoughts – of which he hadn’t dared to share with Mamie. If he’d chosen to do such she would have banned him from the mercantile – the only one within a fifty-mile radius of the town of Wicked Fork.

Mamie had gone on to inform him in a proud-sounding voice that her mannequin was wire-worked, whatever the heck that had meant.

He’d learned in the three short months since he’d been here that one didn’t share anything with the ancient rabid mouthpiece – not if they didn’t want it shared with the rest of the townspeople of Wicked Fork.

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