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"RAZOR'S EDGE", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

This Love Story is Set in the Old West

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Razor's Edge, a Short Love Story - Page 1

Special Agent Hawk Harrison stared in disbelief at the heap of woman-items planted before him on Captain John’s oak desk.

The pile consisted of a pink bonnet, a stack of scraggly hair ribbons, and a full-length extra-large, blue and white checkered dress. Two mummified jute tobacco bags filled to the hilt with sand and drawn shut were also amid the mix.

Hawk cleared his throat as he found himself temporarily unable to speak. “Say again, Captain?”


“Why son, it’s a mission like no other,” Captain John assured in a deep southern drawl, taking in a deep breath before settling into the worn leather chair behind his desk.

Hawk would have preferred to remain standing but his legs had suddenly evolved to jelly.

The Captain continued, “Going undercover as a female pioneer on a wagon train heading west – why it’s the first assignment of its kind. Son, this mission will go down in the pages of history one day. You’re traversing new territory.”

But Hawk didn’t want to traverse new territory, particularly not as a female outfitted in an ugly oversized dress, scraggly hair ribbons and a gaudy bonnet.

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