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"THE PRINCESS & THE COWBOY", a love story by American Author Sky Taylor

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The Princess & the Cowboy, a short romance by Sky Taylor - Page 1

Vulgar.  Flat-out vulgar.  There was no other way to describe him, Anne decided in thought as she rolled her eyes over the stranger sitting in the seat opposite of her as the train bounced about on the steel tracks.

Even his name was rough and rowdy; Cherokee.  At least that was what the conductor had called him.

Odd, a cowboy with an Indian name, she went on to silently muse as she continued to eye him, deciding it best not to lose focus.


He had boarded the train traveling to Austin with her about an hour ago and since then, he'd caused the passengers nothing but grief.

It had begun when the elderly lady seated next to him, who had been peacefully reading the Good Book, turned her attention towards him and asked, "Sir, are you a Christian?"

Cherokee had studied her for a spell, then shook his dark head as he had drawled in a deep tone, "Madam, I'm just a heathen."

The lady had gasped, her eyes falling onto Anne who was sitting opposite of Cherokee, perhaps seeking protection should the need arise.

Then Cherokee had pulled out a book of matches stamped with the name of a seedy hotel in Lampasas, and made the mistake of striking one on his dusty boot before lighting a hand-rolled smoke he'd pulled out of nowhere.

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