A Short Dating Story: 'BowWow PowPow', by Trinity Moon's Sky Taylor

An Online Dating Story copyrighted & written by American Author Sky Taylor, Trinity Moon.

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A Short Dating Story - Page 1

" Look lady, I don't want to hear anymore putrid excuses.   This is the third time that your mutt has trotted across my property line into my backyard," Nick pointed out, tired of his new neighbor's excuses.   And God was she ugly - almost as ugly as her rotten little mutt who for some reason, had taken a liking to him.

Yesterday when she had arrived to collect him, her hair was wrapped around soda cans.   How the devil she had held them in place, he didn't know.   Didn't want to know either.

But he did know that this was the last time he was going to offer the Neighborly Olive Leaf.   Next time, he was calling the pound.

Cocoa tensed her lips at her obnoxious caller, then held the phone from her ears to block out his ragged breathing.   He had a temper on him, that was for certain.   At this moment, she'd like to wring Killer's neck for conspiring with the enemy!   Three times at that!

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