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Photography - Tips & Photos

There's nothing like taking a photo that you're proud of!

Nature photography is one of my passions. Getting outdoors and taking nature photos allows me to drop all my cares and simply concentrate on the magical beauty of Mother Nature.

I hope that you'll enjoy my nature photos listed below as well as some simple photography tips that you can use to enhance your own photos.

And I hope that you'll check back often as I continue to add more photos to share with you.

My Nature Photography - Tips & Photos

Spooky Bates Motel

Texas Magical Anole

Bee Kissing Sunflower's Face

Handsome Blue Jay

Beautiful Oklahoma City Capital

God Bless the USA

Flower Power

Bugsy McDraw

Praying Mantis

Honey of a Hummingbird

Sunflower Bracing for the Storm

Just Ducky

Framed Hummer

Fall Reflections


I'm a Froggy Too

Lightning at the Bewitching Hour

Zippy Zebra

Morning Glory

The Haunted Golfer

Big Red Round Barn

Red, Red Roses

Pretty as a Ribbon Snake

Praying Squirrel

Mother Goose

I Ain't Lion

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