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Passion in a Bottle, A Quick Book Romance by Sky Taylor - Page 1

“Here - you take it!” Hank demanded, holding the squawking baby from him, Garrett stumbling backwards in the process.

“Oh no you don’t,” he bit out, quite adamant on the matter. “You agreed to watch it until we could figure out what to do,” Garrett went on to remind, wishing he could put a sock in the kid’s mouth. God, the boy had a set of lungs on him that just wouldn’t quit.

Hank drew the baby back to his caved-in chest and the crying ceased, but both he and Garrett knew that it was a momentary thing.

“Now wait just a dad-burn minute, Garrett. I agreed to watch the kid - but only for  today. And don’t forget about that week off with pay you promised,” he warned, his face resolute. “And it‘s your chore - figuring out what to do,” Hank reminded, wrinkling his forehead so intently that his two brows formed one bushy unibrow. “Ain’t my problem. I’m just a wizened old cowboy with a mind to strangle a certain young woman by the name of Maria Inez.”

“Yeah? Well, that makes two of us,” Garrett bit out, his dark eyes flying aimlessly over the kid.

In fact, he was still in a mild state of shock. When he’d climbed down the stairs this morning anticipating his traditional stack of buttermilk pancakes, Maria was going out the front door carting an oversized suitcase. Nobody made pancakes quite like Maria….

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