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Written by American Author Sky Taylor


Meet the Coltons – two brothers, one sister and the children of Lilly and Mel Colton.

1. Jade Colton: 29 years old. His first wife betrayed him by marrying him for his money, admitting such when his father cut him out of the ranch – a father his tactic used to expose Nan for what she was; a gold-digger.  

Jade’s not quite ready to take the plunge again, yet he is quite curious of the new wedding planner in town with the funny last name - Bella Bollweevil.  

Jade has a 6 year old daughter named Daisy from his marriage to Nan.  

2. Nick Colton: 28 years old. Middle child; moved to Yuma to start his own ranch but has returned for a visit. He experienced an embarrassing encounter with Doctor Allie McDonald amid his senior year when she told him that she was in love with him. At the time he was smitten with Rose Green but unknowingly to him, so was half the football team. Have the years between Nick and Allie served to draw them apart, or closer together?

3. Arial Colton: 26 years old. Jilted by her fiancé – one Buster Franks, she is putting on a front in order to avoid embarrassment from her family as well as to deter her brothers from beating Buster to a pulp and landing in jail for doing such.  

The new woman in Buster’s life, Tiger Hamilton, is four months pregnant, so the situation will reveal itself soon enough.  

In her early twenties, Arial pursued opening of a bakery in town and has prepared the wedding cake for the Franks’ wedding.  

Can an old friend of her brother Jade mend this gaping hole in her heart?


4. Bella Bollweevil, wedding planner extraordinaire. She has a young 6 year old son named Sam who is in the same grade at school as Jade’s daughter, Daisy.

There is a secret locked in Bella’s past. Is Jade the man who has the key of happiness to unlock her future?

5. Doctor Allie McDonald; she’s loved Nick Colton since the day she set her eyes on him but he only had eyes for Rose Green. He has returned home a bitter man and she assumes he is grieving for his dead wife and child.  

Allie experienced a rough childhood, the daughter of a drunkard and a mother who abandoned her. She was often at the end of her father’s rage – he vicariously punished her mother for leaving him.  

At school she had only one friend; Arial Colton.

6. Holt Rainwater: He was Arial’s brother Jade’s best friend in college and they’ve kept in touch for years.  

Holt has the same interests as the Coltons – horse ranching and is relocating his spread to Mystic Moon, Montana.  



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