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"KILL & TELL", a Free Online Mystery Romance Story by Trinity Moon

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Kill & Tell, a Mystery Romance - Page 1

“That’s difficult to believe,” Arial eased out, her blue eyes seizing the two uniformed officers sitting across from her.

Captain Greenfield had become her commander after she had transferred from Sabinal to Canyon County some nine months prior.

Captain Marshall, she knew well – and fondly referred to him as Cap as had most of her department that knew him well. She had served under his command for over a decade and considered him more like a father at this point than a superior.


“Unfortunately, all the evidence points to Brannon,” Cap assured.

Their eyes met - deep blue on gray as she attempted to understand exactly what these two men were inferring.

Her ex-fiancé Nick Brannon was a lot of things – stubborn, a fearless risk-taker, but a killer? No! And who knew him better than her?

Their relationship had begun some three years ago when they had been teamed as parole officers.

Both had been in their late thirties. She knew Nick had just turned forty last month. Oh how she had been tempted to pick up the phone, to make contact and wish him a happy birthday….

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