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"MOON OF THE FALLING LEAVES", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Moon of the Falling Leaves, a Western Romance Story Set in the Old West- Page 1

Marshall Blain McBride tore his gaze from the paperwork lining the large oak desk to take a minute to appreciate the changing colors outdoor through the bar-lined window adjacent to where he sat.

The sweet gum trees lining Main Street were slowly shifting from green to red. What a beautiful, wondrous sight. Why couldn’t they remain this color indefinitely? He much-preferred the reds and golds of the season to icky green. Autumn was indeed his favorite time of the year.

As for summer, the scorpions and devil-dusters could have it, with pleasure. Fortunately, the sweltering heat had its back broken two weeks ago when the first Blue Northern of the season had drifted into town.


It hadn’t arrived in Wicked Stick with a fierce velocity, rather gentle – changing the air from sticky-hot to cool and breezy, bringing with it some well-needed rain. The holding ponds on his horse ranch were now fat and full, the drought of summer finally strangled.

His six-foot-three frame stiffened in the large leather chair as he noticed Myrtle Wagger passing the window, and then slightly leaning towards the right – a tell-tale that she was preparing to enter his office.

Her arrival was never anything he looked forward to – as she was the Wicked Stick’s most committed gossiper. Most of his own cowboys at the ranch referred to her as Myrtle Tongue-Wagger. She was the ‘give her an inch and she’d take a mile’ type of woman. A woman on a desperate search for her other half; for husband material.

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