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"MONTANA SKY", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Montana Sky, a Short Love Story - Page 1

The sizzling heat of the day had spawned a radiating ghostly image on the upper quadrant of the road as Joe continued to make quick tracks to his ranch before the onslaught of dusk in the pick-up truck.

He removed his sunglasses which had shielded the dark colored eyes from the intense rays of the hot August sun, the glare finally disappearing for the day - the radiating ghostly wave of heat taking its place.

Only three more miles - more or less he decided, taking time to view the full moon in the distance - just over the hill. Quite a picturesque sight he went on to decide.


Other than the gorgeous sunset, there hadn’t been much that he’d liked about his day. Being one of the ranch’s busiest times of the year, he had elected himself to collect the feed, leaving his foreman in charge to complete the remaining responsibilities of the day.

The truck bed was heavily loaded with chicken scratch, laying mash, sweet feed for the cattle, corn for the pigs, oats and alfalfa for the horses - the fifth trip to town and back for the day, and thankfully the last.

And so hot outside - the hottest summer he could remember, and one that had broken every record in the books. Thankfully autumn was right around the corner; the heat should break any day now.

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