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"Miracle in the Texas Hill Country", an Online Christian Romance Story by Trinity Moon

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Miracle in the Texas Hill Country, a Short Online Christian Romance Story - Page 1

Heidi carefully maneuvered the compact car over the slick strip of road, her thoughts skimming over her topsy-turvy relationship with Euel Boston, an extremely handsome, good natured local rancher and unfortunately, a confirmed bachelor.

Two years ago, when she'd first started dating Euel, she'd been acutely aware of his hardened outlook on marriage. But like a mindless zombie, Heidi had plunged forward, falling into the pit that far too many women had been drawn to throughout eternity. Like most females, she thought that she could change things - but she'd learned the hard way that a man's mind was a most difficult thing to change. An almost-impossible thing to change. was too late to turn back the hands on the Life Clock as she was hopelessly in love with Euel. As for the handsome cowboy, she seriously doubted that he would ever allow his feelings to grow that deep, to ever consider marriage.

Too many women had branded him in the past, seeking his fortune over his love. And Heidi knew within her heart of hearts that he would never allow himself to lose control over his emotions again - that he had permanently reined them in and was content with his bachelorhood status - and would remain single for life.

Lately, she got the sense that he was wanting more, a deeper sense of intimacy. Due to her Christian upbringing and personal beliefs, she felt that some things should be saved for marriage.

And due to such, she strongly suspected that her relationship with Euel was arriving at a dead end. Soon, he'd be breaking things off with her - and he'd find a slew of willing ladies to take her place.

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