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"MAIL ORDER BRIDE", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Mail Order Bride, a Short Love Story - Page 1

Leaning against the hitching post, Travis studied the passengers climbing out of the stagecoach, narrowing his brow as there appeared to be only one female on board.

Good God Almighty - she was uglier than a rattlesnake, too.  Lantern jaw, no bosom and all be-hind, and he would be willing to bet that if she un-popped her corset, she would blind four of the horses that had pulled her into town.

Fanny Fantanna, his soon-to-be bride.  

Too late, he'd realized that this was one order that he should never have placed!  It was women like Fanny that made men contemplate staying single for the good of mankind.

Travis debated darting over to his horse and making a quick get-away, but by the screwed-up look fastened onto Fanny's face, he would be willing to bet that it wouldn't be a clean get-away.


She had a look on her alright - intently searching for someone and that someone happened to be him.

Best get the dirty deed over - perhaps he could offer her a bit of cash to call the marriage off.  Wouldn't do to marry that and have a herd of kids with those attributes.

"Travis Jackson?" she wailed, Travis cringing in the process, the voice matching the face.

"Yes ma'am," he managed, straightening in the process as she neared him. "Howdy," he drawled, still debating on how to handle the uncomfortable situation.  

Obviously, she had put two and two together as he was the only person within fifty paces of the stage now.  There was a red-eye heading out of town which was scheduled to depart shortly.  Perhaps if he made quick-talk, she could be on her merry way.  More pointedly, out of his life.

Then again, a man did get lonely in this desolate stretch of Texas.  Perhaps she was a sweetie pie. No, he wouldn't mind if she were a bit on the ugly side if she held a good nature about her.  Important, getting along.

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