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The Love Switch - Nanny Jordan needs a job - Hud needs a nanny, and mutual friend Elaine is the glue that binds.

Love, Tilly - When Sam's twin sister Sara hoodwinks him into hiring a female cook to plan the ranch's annual barbeque, he is resistant until Tilly presents him with her out-of-this world banana cake, as well as opening the pathway to true love....   

Mystic Moon - Our free online western romance novel featuring the Colton family.

The Drifter, a Western Romance - When a renegade attempts to takeover Audrey's farm, her only hope is a drifter - who not only volunteers to protect her and her baby sister, Amy, but suddenly informs Audrey that he intends to make her his bride....  

Passion in a Bottle -  Two seasoned cowboys don't have a clue when an infant is unexpectedly left in their care.

Three Wishes - Three wishes, one leading to a fairytale ending...

Hijacked by Love -  The light suddenly changed and Daisy mashed down on the gas pedal, her blue eyes looking like two fried eggs as she realized too late that the car was in reverse. A loud bang followed as the car continued to push the strangerís car down the dirt road, Daisy cringing as she looked in her rearview mirror and saw mouth and sunglasses.....

Black Moon Rising -  A western romance with a Victorian twist.

Love is Blonde, a Free Online Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1


Zooming past the motley longhorn steer planted in a foot of freshly fallen snow, Jim Cougar's booted foot almost slipped off the gas pedal as his feather-headed passenger blurted out, " Oh look at the spotted cow! Poor thing. Why she's going to freeze her tootsies off in the snow."

Jim regained his footing as he sent a puzzled look over the deft, yet beautiful lady as he silently wondered if there was a brain lodged somewhere beneath the thick curtain of blonde  hair. She had been rambling since they had departed the airport about half an hour ago and it didn't appear that she was going to stop anytime soon. She wasn't going to stop talking until she was six feet under - perhaps, not even then.

Bikini Beach - the person who had named her should be shot before sunrise. Who in their right mind would name a baby girl, Bikini? Nonetheless, Bikini was fully equipped with all the desirable body parts - parts that could fry a man's sane senses for she was a beauty....on the outside, that is. Probably looked like dynamite in a bikini, too.  But unfortunately, someone had forgotten to pack her brains when she was born, Jim prattled through his racing thoughts.

The fact that his mother had secured a total nut-bag to add the designing touches to his new ranch house had not come as a shock. He could kick himself for allowing her to do this to him - again, at that. Obviously, the arrangement wasn't going to work out, but since Ms. Bikini Beach had traveled over 2,000 miles to get here, he just couldn't pack her on the next flight out.


Wildflowers - 45 pages  A Trinity Moon western romance.....

Just What the Doctor Ordered - 63 pages  Ride back into the past with this western love story.....

Mail Order Bride - 7 pages  - A Texas rancher orders a bride.

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