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Kumquats Are People Too, a Free Online Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1

Dinah hugged the expensive red sport’s car to one side of the road, attempting to pull off as her beloved Chihuahua ChiChi feverously barked.

“Just hold it one more minute, darling and mommy will have you out for tinkle time,” she promised, knowing that she had already waited far too long to make the doggie pit stop.

There was good reason, too she noted as she grabbed ChiChi’s water bottle and exited the car, the tiny doggie following suit.

There had not been another car in sight for the past fifty miles and her cell phone had fizzled-out ten miles back, compliments of the dense vegetation in the area. Wouldn’t be good to become stranded here, she tacked onto her thoughts. Stops could prove dangerous, particularly without a cell.

Even so, she should be accustomed to the situation by now. Aunt Fran lived in what most would call ‘the middle of the sticks’. Only forty more miles and they would be there.

“ChiChi! Here boy,” she called to him as he finished his business. “How about a bit of water? There, there. Good boy,” she praised as he licked at the bottle with his tiny pink tongue, Dinah managing to squeeze a bit of the water into his tiny mouth - a miracle in itself.

She had no idea that they were being watched from afar…..

From the dense covering of the wooded forest, Pax spied the lady who appeared to be holding a tiny rat. But there was no time for rewiring his thoughts right now. He had to make haste before she zoomed away.

Four days now, and he’d seen coyotes aplenty - but she was the only sign of human life he’d seen.



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