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The Love Switch - (57 pages)  A comedy-romance from Trinity Moon. Nanny Jordan needs a job - Hunky Hud needs a nanny, and mutual friend Elaine is the glue than binds. click to read

Arizona Angels - (95 pages) Throwing the door open she encountered Bowie's towering form, his large arm extended, little Lee dangling in mid air like a large spider. Lynx gasped, her hands going out to rescue the squawking child.

"This demonic little hooligan was window peeping into the honeymoon cottages! God only knows what she saw, but she seemed quite satisfied," he went on, his eyes scorching over Lynx's shocked face.  click to read

Buttercups & Daisies - (13 pages)  It wasn’t until he had seen his neighbor Lily pole vaulting over the roses that he realized his father was in trouble.  

Darn doddering, pawing Betsy! She certainly had a mouth on her as well as a hot-to-trot something or another that was in dire need of being satisfied. But simply put, he wasn’t the man who was going to put out her fire.  click to read

Feather Creek - (60 pages)  Hawk should have known better than visiting the mercantile on a Saturday - Millie’s busiest day of the week, particularly with a winter storm brewing. Based on the color of the sky and the strength of the wind, this one could turn out to be a wooly-booger. click to continue

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Damon sat on the front porch of the manor, his head in his hands - completely at his wit’s end. 

Where in the devil was King?  

He’d searched every inch of the park where that puddin'-headed Marsha had abandoned him, and then he had searched the outskirts of the park. He’d knocked on more doors than a traveling salesman, one elderly lady asking him if he had any mops for sale. 

Liam exited the manor and cautiously approached his boss. Nasty mood these past two days. Well, that’s what he got for dating blond-headed bimbos, he silently mocked. 

“Any luck, sir?” he dared to inquire. 

Then he automatically flinched as Damon twisted his dark head and verbally attacked, “Not an ounce. If you hadn’t allowed that-that -” 

“Blond-headed bimbo girlfriend of yours,” Liam filled in the blanks. 

Damon responded by tightening his lips, then Liam plunged forward before his boss had time to rip into him again. “Sir, I had no idea that the lady was lying to me. When she told me that you asked her to walk King at the park -” 

“Well, she was lying - and that’s why we’re in this-this rotten quagmire right now,” Damon tossed out, running his hands through his thick mop of dark hair, more frustrated than angry. 


Mystic Moon - 104 pages Our free online western romance novel featuring the Colton family.

The Drifter, a Western Romance - 34 pages  When a renegade attempts to takeover Audrey's farm, her only hope is a drifter - who not only volunteers to protect her and her baby sister, Amy, but suddenly informs Audrey that he intends to make her his bride....  

Passion in a Bottle -  30 pages Two seasoned cowboys don't have a clue when an infant is unexpectedly left in their care.

Three Wishes - 62 pages  Three wishes, one leading to a fairytale ending...

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