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JENNY JUSTICE a Free Online Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1


They had a friend in need. They had a plan....

Through the defused lighting of their favorite café they had narrowed the ten male candidates to a short-list of three, Faith, Hope and Charity each choosing a name from the list as they quickly tried to synchronize their plan before Jenny Justice arrived - their friend in need. Of a husband, that is…

Faith took charge, knowing that she was the brains of the bunch - at least where she, Hope and Charity were concerned as Jenny had received an over-abundance of brains. And because the plan of action involved Jenny, it seemed appropriate that she take charge.

“We all know what a pill Jenny can be when it comes to making her do something that she doesn’t want to do,” Faith began, her blue eyes touching both Charity and Hope as she spoke.

Both friends considered her quite stunning for a lady over fifty who didn’t look a day over thirty.

“Well, she is a judge. She’s accustomed to telling other people what to do,” Hope tried to reason. “You know…she didn’t even allow Harry to tell her what to do,” she tacked onto her comments, her brow furrowed so deeply that a row of corn would have fit there nicely.

“Exactly,” Faith nodded. “That’s why we’ll have to work together on this to make Jenny think this was her idea-”

“Trickery? Are you suggesting that we trick Jenny?” Charity riffled out in a high squeaky voice, shifting in her chair, Faith knitting her perfect lips into a discontented snarl as her friend was a fidgety little thing. She’d always been. And that voice - even at fifty it was as shrill as it had been when she was sixteen Faith tacked onto her thoughts.

“Yes,” Faith eased out without guilt. “How else will we get Jenny on one date - much less three? You have a better idea?” she challenged.


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