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A Free Online Romance Novel by Trinity Moon

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"THAT HORSE WON'T RUN", an online romance novel by American Author Sky Taylor

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Free Western Romance - That Horse Won't Run - Page 1

Lace studied her reflection in the cracked oval mirror - a mirror that had no business being hung, especially in the kitchen.

"Uncle Quint, this isn't going to work!" she futilely protested, dismantling the oversized cowboy hat. Golden tendrils spilled onto slim shoulders as she glared at her uncle who was across the room.


Quint was casually leaning against the white enamel kitchen sink, a piece of straw dangling loosely from his firm full lips. At her outburst the indigo eyes narrowed thoughtfully, causing an accordion of wrinkles to wing instantly from the outer corners.

"I suppose you have a better idea?" he drawled in a mocking tone. "I don't make enough money to rent you a place in town and - "

"I know that," she tossed back, annoyed with the situation and unable to offer another solution.

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