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A Free Online Romance Short Story by Trinity Moon

"Hijacked by Love" a love story by American Author Sky Taylor

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Hijacked by Love, A Quick Book Romance by Sky Taylor  - Page 1

Daisy slammed on the brakes as the light changed from yellow to red. No need to add a ticket to her current state of misery, she silently mocked as she fumbled with the gear stick mounted in the floor of the posh auto.

Drawing in a deep breath, she held the cell phone to her mouth again.

“Todd - the idiot behind me is about an inch away from my rear bumper,” she informed, her hand and voice shaking in the process.


“Daisy, if anything happens to my new car, then I swear -”

“Oh shut up!” she told him, examining the driver via the rearview mirror.

He was tall, rising well above the steering column, she noted. And he looked like a giant beetle with the dark sunglasses strapped across his face.

Todd was more concerned for the safety of his new car than he was for her, Daisy silently noted as her rod of anger grew. Didn’t he realize how frightened she was right now?

The mysterious looking stranger had been following her for the past three miles, since she had pulled onto the desolate strip of dirt road leading into town as she performed her last mission of mercy for her cheating ex-boyfriend, Todd.

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