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"Ghost Town Bride", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Ghost Town Bride - a Short Love Story - Page 1


Dillon Adams: Ranch owner, handsome and single.

Laura Donovan: Homeless and penniless. Lost her parents to the fever on a journey to Oregon.

Skully: Spicy foreman at the Adams' ranch.

Beth: Cousin to Dillon.

Bret: Hired hand at the Adams' ranch.

Town: Bramblebriar, Texas

Marimack, Texas: Where Laura's family lived before taking the Oregon Trail.

Laura's Horses Names: Sugar, Spice, Ginger and Sage


Ghost Town Bride

Laura Donovan squared her small shoulders, hoisted-up the two heavy bags which contained every worldly possession that she owned, and entered the tumble-down cafe.

There was a heavy, unpleasant stench to the small area that she had noticed outside the well-worn set of oak doors, and now as she resided inside and allowed her eyes to adjust to the dark lighting, the stench had increased. Cabbage? Perhaps broccoli, but more likely cabbage.

Once her eyes had adjusted, she scanned over the dining area, noting the long bar where orders were to be placed.

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