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"GHOST STORM", a Free Online Romance Short Love Story by Trinity Moon

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Ghost Storm, a Short Love Story by American Author Sky Taylor - Page 1

A Romance Western Set in the Old West

“Storm’s brewing in the north. Looks like Old Man Winter’s round the bend,” Jacob relayed to Westin as the wind mysteriously kicked up a powerful gust which wretched tumbleweeds from the outskirts of town, spinning them haphazardly down the dust-trodden streets of Northwitch.

Jacob’s deep voice had risen to a higher pitch in order to speak above the wind-gusts bellowing from the north. The force was so great that it was lifting up the bonnet of the covered wagon juxtapose to the men.

As suddenly as the wind had released its open fury, it had settled into a deadly calm, both men feeling as if they had witnessed a phenomenon.


As the dust from the dirt-ridden street evaporated, Westin narrowed his dark eyes towards the north, a woman in white suddenly appearing through the settling mist of dust, a white-fringed umbrella clamped in one hand and held towards her back.

Beautiful. She was so beautiful that Westin gasped.

“You met her yet?” Jacob pried, sanding a hand over a day’s worth of beard.

“No. Have you?” Removing his hat he shook his head slightly as if trying to loosen the cobwebs that had settled there.

“Her name’s Laurel Bishop,” Jacob informed, watching Westin resettle the battered and well-worn cowboy hat back onto his dark head.

Westin watched the woman with skin so porcelain that it almost matched the whiteness of her dress and matching umbrella.

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