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Ghost Manor- a Free Online Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1


The full-moon of autumn was slowly sinking over the western horizon, Audrey’s seven-year old twin brothers anxious to begin their trick-or-treating adventure.  

She was waiting for them to complete their make-up, languishing in her thoughts, her mind on the busy evening ahead. 

Gazing through the multi-paned window, the laced curtain clutched in her delicate hand, Audrey studied the beautiful collusion of gold, red and blue hues merging in the western sky as the new dusk dawned, her view marred by the dilapidated manor across the street from her old painted lady. Ghost Manor. 

Ghost Manor had been in disarray for quite some time. The condition had deteriorated significantly since she had moved into the neighborhood over ten years ago, thanks to the assistance of a small loan from her parents.  

At that time, all the painted ladies on the block had been in dire need of repair, and most had outlived their original purpose. Due to such, she had been able to acquire Featherstone Manor for a price that impaled its original value. 

Beneath the surface of multi-layers of old paint, broken glass, rotting timber, ageing wiring and faulty plumbing resided old-fashioned charm and beauty that could not be matched by modern-day houses. 

Slowly beneath Time’s Hand, the neighborhood had been refurbished - one manor and then another, becoming one of the most endearing parts of town, the historical connection making it a hot-spot for day tourists, with a few homes in the area supporting bed & breakfast signs. 


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