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A Free Online Romance Short Story by Trinity Moon

GHOST FALLS, a love story by American Author Sky Taylor

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Ghost Falls, a Short Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1

The night air was growing chilly for late October, a harvest moon hanging high in the dark sky.

Being old held its advantages and disadvantages, Lisa decided as she considered the last few hours.  She eyed the handsome elderly stranger, Paul Longfellow through the flickering light of the campfire as her grandmother flirted openly with him.

Paul was a seasoned old gentleman who reminded Lisa a bit of a bottle of wine, for with time he appeared to have only improved.  Not that Lisa had known him for a long period of time; in fact they had just met this evening when Grandmother Rosa had introduced them as they had set out on the weekend camping trip to The Forest of the Lost Woodsman.


Although Rosa and Paul made a stunning older couple, Lisa wasn't too pleased with her conniving grandmother who had tricked her into accompanying her on this camping trip to Hades, as the tides had suddenly changed after they had piled into Paul's car.

The conversation she had with Grandmother Rosa a week ago still rang as clear as a bell in Lisa's thoughts while Paul had clicked away the miles....

"I'll be all alone with Paul, dear - and it wouldn't look proper.  Why what will the church members say when they learn of the outing?  You know how strict those Methodists are.  Naturally they will assume that we've.....well, I'm certain that you get the picture, dear," Grandmother Rosa had told her, totally twitter-pated.

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