Razor's Edge  - 69 pages

You're the One - 25 pages

Montana Sky - 31 pages

Wooden Hawk - 17 pages

The Christmas Miracle - (81 pages)  A heartwarming Christmas story from Trinity Moon.

An Angel for Christmas - (16 pages)  A determined nanny proves a child's innocence at Christmastime.

The Jingle Bell Rock (6 pages) - A six-page humorous Christmas story. 

Touch of Fire - (12 pages) Nothing but wedged layers of ice lay before them, more ominous than the blinding blizzard of yesterday and the stretch of frozen river they had crossed in the beginning.

Anna shielded the fragile texture of her face with a cupped hand, searching the horizon for a fragment of the lost sun still help captive by the equinox.    

Fire & Ice - a Trinity Moon Romance.

Sudden Thunder - (73 pages)  A short love story set in the Louisiana bayou.  

Coyote Run - (8 pages)  "Whoops, you're in trouble now," he eased out and he watched her stiffen.  Tall, too. He liked that.

"This isn't what it appears to be," she tried to explain, but he only waved her words aside.

The Sea Gypsy - (26 pages)  As she viewed the beach she saw great whitecaps rolling in from the sea and as they broke, the sound mixed with the shrill voices of the excited children.  Pleasant....so pleasant. The beach house was a wonderful getaway - one that she intended to fully enjoy before returning to the human rat race.

Her eyes widened as a stranger appeared on the scene.  He was supporting black swim trunks, his long legs knitted with sun-bleached blond hair.  Something was wrong for he was waving his arms angrily at the children looking like a ridiculous clock out of control.  

Jungle Fever - (60 pages)  Tia had survived the plane crash in the African rainforest. She strained her eyes, wanting to see what a hero looked like...

The Hiding Place - (51 pages) "Hello there, Sleeping Beauty.  Just where am I?" he demanded in a stern tone, not trusting this woman.  Perhaps she was with 'them'.  

He vaguely remembered being tossed from a helicopter, then left for dead - remaining coherent only long enough to hear a godless bark of a devil dog before he completely passed out.  

Nothing more putrid than a dog, he continued in thought, his eyes flicking back to Beauty, demanding a response.  

Solitary Cowboy


Free Christian, Western, Mystery, Humorous Romance Stories Under the Trinity Moon

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Wicked Fork - Can two chefs equal a recipe for romance?

Bell Moon - 11 pages. When Bell finds her long lost brother, little does she know that she'll also find the love of her life.....

White Winters Moon - 29 pages. Beauty finds beast.....

Ghost Town Bride - After losing both her parents to the fever while traveling the Oregon Trail, Laura is stranded - homeless and penniless in a ghost town...

Wild Horses - 43 pages, a western romance with a twist.

Miracle in the Texas Hill Country - 10 pages, our newest Christian romance story by Trinity Moon's Sky Taylor.

Fire & Ice - (36 pages) A short love story set in the Alaskan wilderness.

Time to Love - (17 pages) Jenny needed a mommy. In fact, it was the only thing she wanted for Christmas. Can an unexpected elf open her daddy's closed mind on the subject?

Love on the Lamb - (20 pages)  Are Stevie and Steve destined to be together, or will they find a lump of coal in their stockings from Cupid himself come Christmas morning?

Squall Line - (14 Pages) A short online western-themed love story.

Merry Christmas, Mary - (32 pages)  Four grown men wearing Santa hats and Bermuda shorts, sitting around the swimming pool drinking light beer on an extremely warm Thanksgiving Day  sent Joe spiraling out of the Land of Reality. What were his best friends thinking?

Obviously - they had tobe the top three idiots in the world, spending quality  time with him rather than with their own wives. Very beautiful wives at that. What was he? Some sort of charity case, just because he didn‘t have a girl? Oh - the giving season…  

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest Movie Review - Needed more Depp.

Ironfist - (170 pages) "My uncle is expecting me, Mr. Yates," she assured in a tight tone. "He said to come to the main house so you could direct me to his home. From what he explained, it is rather difficult to locate."

Banner muttered something inaudible under his breath then went to seat himself behind a large oak desk across from where she sat, observing her for what seemed an eternity.

What in the devil should he do with her, Banner silently considered.  It was becoming clearly obvious that she was unaware of what her uncle had done.  His heart went out to her for it was also obvious that she was poor; the tattered dress, the worn shoes...  

White Lightning - (202 pages) Colt knew the female body like the back of his hand, but he'd never been able to figure out their brains. He was wise enough to know that a woman didn't like a gutless ram; women liked their men untamed.  Then once they snared them and tamed them, they generally didn't like 'em anymore.  

Nonetheless, best to keep this beautiful tigress under the assumption that he was more animal than man. 

Without Honor - 4 pages - A short love story from Trinity Moon Romance.

The Edgy Warrior - (38 pages)  Nicky is the office problem solver but will her handsome new boss prove to be the exception?  

Catwalk - (76 pages) Paul nodded, then turned to collect a soft tissue for her, then being a klutz himself, he dropped it.  As he bent over to collect it, the towel popped loose, inadvertently mooning Leslie.

He heard a nasally scream and as he turned she was bolting out the door.

Buttercups & Daisies - (13 pages)  It wasn’t until he had seen his neighbor Lily pole vaulting over the roses that he realized his father was in trouble.  

Darn doddering, love-crazed Betsy! She certainly had a mouth on her but simply put, he wasn’t the man who was going to put out her fire. 

Painted Promises - {92 pages)  One of our more poignant love stories.  

Dandelions & Cattails - (11 pages)   Can a blue-ribbon cook - cook up passion?

Ghost Under the Golden Moon - (21 pages)  Fate brings an unlikely couple together who beg to differ on the existence of ghosts.

Between the Sheets - (25 pages)  A writer experiencing writer's block finds love between the sheets.

The Epiphany - (13 pages)  Heath grumbled beneath his breath and it was with great effort that he didn't reach out and strangle the hick-girl who obviously didn't know a hoot about feed.

His assumption regarding her ineptness was confirmed as she hopped aside and he entered the feed store that had been there since God had created Adam.

Good grief.  The area looked pathetic - more like a pet brothel than a feed store!  

Ghost Falls - (7 pages)  A blind date delivers the girl of Joe's dreams.  

Wagonwheel - (117 pages) Dain struggled with his thoughts as he forced himself to relax. Fact was, he'd fallen head over heels for a woman who made potato tacos and healed scorched doll heads....

The Witch Hunt - (26 pages)  Vera Hogthorn, the director of the local Historical Society, decides to takeover Moonstone Manor and turn it into a tourist attraction. Furthermore, she and 99% of the Society members believe that its current owner is a witch. Enter handsome attorney Lincoln Broderick who is smitten with the beautiful witch. Is it too late to save Moonstone Manor?  

"Lovely, just lovely," Paul drawled to the empty room.  How would he ever ......face her again, he went on to silently mock.

Lace & Leather (94 pages) Shiloh stood beside Lane's tall form waving her father off as he disappeared into the shadows in the distance, the ancient stagecoach bouncing along the trail.

But she didn't know quite what to think when Lane eased out, "Alone at last, sweet Shiloh."  

Feather Creek - (60 pages)  Hawk should have known better than visiting the mercantile on a Saturday - Millie’s busiest day of the week, particularly with a winter storm brewing. Based on the color of the sky and the strength of the wind, this one could turn out to be a wooly-booger. 

Fire in the Furnace - (5 pages)  Doctor Luke confronts a cantankerous cowboy with a one-hundred and two fever and the most beautiful granddaughter in the universe....

Sandcastles & Mermaids - (20 pages)  A romantic comedy romance from Trinity Moon.

The Branding Iron - (70 pages) Sometimes seduction is the only way to get a man to change his mind.

Jungle Fever - a free short love story.

The Wishing Well - (284 pages)"Basta!" the man yelled at her and Silver jumped back, frightened for he was obviously very irritated with her.

Silver's mouth dropped and she knew she must look like a complete ninny.  She sure felt like one.  Kit wasn't going to be happy.  She was supposed to have charmed the DeAigo's, not insult them!  It was all playing out, just as Kit had feared....

Saddle Tramp - (47 pages)  A free western romance from Trinity Moon. 




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