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A Free Online Romance Short Story by Trinity Moon

FORGET-ME-NOT, a love story by American Author Sky Taylor

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Forget-Me-Not, A Short Online Romance by Sky Taylor - Page 1

Saturday - the busiest day at the pet shop and he was stuck here. He should have been at home spending the day watching football games, Alex decided as the irate customer held the hind-end of her dog up for his close inspection, Alex really wishing that she wouldn't have.

"Look!  Just look at what that new girl did to my little FeFe's poo poo!"

Alex narrowed his eyes, feeling FeFe's pain.  The buzzed-off area looked like a dirty donut covered with red icing.  That had to hurt.


"Madam, I've already apologized, as well as refunded your money. What more do you want me to do?" he asked, completely out of patience with this customer.  "Find some super glue and reattach her hair?" he mocked, not wishing to sound unsympathetic - but just what did she expect him to do?

The woman gasped, snatching FeFe to her ample bosom and darting backwards, much as a protective mother would have done with her child.

"How dare you insult FeFe!" she drawled in a deep tone, Alex calculating that she was well-past her prime years - perhaps basking in the shadows of post menopause for her voice was almost lower than his own manly-man's voice.

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