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This Trinity Moon Love Story is Set in the Old West

A Free Online Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1


“Woman, don’t tell me how to stack green beans,“ the older gentleman grumbled at the lady behind the counter at the mercantile, Tara amused by the display.

Obviously, husband and wife - owners of the mercantile, Tara silently deduced.

The man continued to grumble as he stacked the cans of green beans, rather haphazardly at that. Perhaps his wife had a made a viable point. But of course, it was unheard of to insult one’s husband, particularly in front of a total stranger as herself.

Tara made her way over to the counter, stooping to get a better view of the jars below containing a vivid assortment of candies.

“Good day, dear,” the woman eased out, her curiosity obvious.

The town was small, therefore her curiosity was justified, Tara tacked onto her spiraling thoughts as she studied the colorful candies on display after delivering a courteous nod, acknowledging the woman’s greeting.

“Welcome to the Blossom Mercantile,” the woman told her. “I believe that you’re new to our area?”

Tara straightened, her decision made on the candies.

“I am,” she told the woman, producing a slight smile as the gentleman stacking the cans suddenly joined them.

She introduced, “Nanny Tara Moonbeam, but please call me Tara.”

“Delighted to meet you dear,” the woman eased out, her voice quite welcoming and cheerful as she grabbed a paper fan embossed with a peacock and began rapidly fanning her face.

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